Spill trays

To provide our customers with a comprehensive offer, we have extended it with various services. For example, we specialize in producing spill trays. They are special surfaces that are used to capture any spills, e.g. chemical ones.

In the event of an unsealing of tanks, they protect from chemical permeation into the concrete floor and then into the soil. We manufacture a wide range of chemical spill trays in a variety of sizes. Be sure to check our offer.

Chemical spill tray

These are safety trays under storage tanks and production lines. They are installed to block the drain and prevent the discharge from entering the groundwater. In Remer Polska, we usually apply anti-corrosive coatings on site.

We manufacture thermoplastic linings on location in warehouses and production halls. We also manufacture a system that protects railway lines against liquid leaks, in the form of a spill deck protecting the track along with the track bed.

High-quality design

Our chemically resistant surfaces are made from PP, PE. Our plastic linings are characterized by:

  • quick installation
  • no cracks or leaks
  • capacity for high loads
  • potential for immediate use

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