Plastic installations

For over 10 years, we have been providing comprehensive services for industries, in particular the energy, chemical and food industries!!

The main services we offer are the assembly of pipelines, structures, industrial installations, as well as assemblies, repairs and modernizations - of machines and devices and many others.

Due to the very dynamic development and the desire to further strengthen our image among external partners, the company decided to purchase the latest machinery for connecting pipelines and prefabrication of fittings. Making our own fittings gives us a sense of security in the event that there is a need to quickly change the design and use fittings with a different diameter.

We employ a permanent group of fitters who are constantly improving their qualifications.

Constant development allows us to strengthen our position as a reliable partner for industrial developments.


A comprehensive knowledge of the assembly of system structures for supporting pipelines of reputable companies:

  • MEFA

We offer installation of cold insulation on:

  • tanks,
  • tanks,
  • other surfaces,
  • technological equipment.

In cooperation with our partners, we comprehensively carry out:

  • Industrial installations,
  • Pipelines for media transport.
  • Plastic pipelines (including: PP, PE – HD, PVDF, ECTFE, FRP- GFK, PVC),
  • Technological pipelines carrying materials, be it flammable, toxic or corrosive,
  • Steel structures,
  • Structures, elements and installations made of plastics, including GFK – GRP,
  • nstallation, assembly, connection of industrial machines,
  • repairs of industrial installations, constructions and pipeline networks, both water and acid transfer, gypsum, compressed air and many other media.

Our employees are also certified by the Office of Technical Inspection – UDT to perform:

  • FRP laminating,
  • Welding plastics by all methods, and
  • Welding steel and plastics.

Our company is authorized by the Office of Technical Inspection – UDT, registered under the number: covering, repair and modernization of:

  • Technological pipelines for combustible materials,
  • Technological pipelines for toxic or corrosive materials,

One of our specialties is the implementation and modernization of plastic pipeline networks, such as:

PP (polypropylene)

it is very resistant to salt, alcohol, fats, strong acids and alkalic solutions. Boards made of this material are characterized by high hardness and rigidity. They are particularly easily subjected to mechanical processing, and welding. It does not absorb moisture.

PE-HD (polyethylene)

is characterized by high flexibility and excellent chemical resistance. It is particularly easily subjected to mechanical processing, and welding. It has good electrical and dielectric properties.


is a specialized thermoplastic fluoropolymer with high chemical resistance. It is easily processed. It has high chemical resistance even at high temperatures. It is also characterized by high resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet radiation.


is distinguished by excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, especially at elevated temperatures and in strongly alkaline environments.


are used due to their high mechanical strength, low weight, corrosion and temperature resistance, insulating properties, smooth internal surface, easy shaping, easy repair and economy.


has thermoplastic properties. It is characterized by high mechanical strength and is resistant to many solvents.