Chemical treatment line

In Remer Polska we always look for newer and better solutions for our clients in order to fulfill their evolving needs. This is why we design and prepare individual equipment concepts for various lines and pre-preparation processes maintaining constant communication with our client. We highly encourage you to get to know our offer.

Chemical treatment line

As company with valuable experience in the field, we know that a fully functioning chemical treatment line is the key to success. Therefore, to manufacture them, we use innovative technologies and high-quality materials. Above all, our tanks are used, for example, for degreasing, pickling, paint stripping, rinsing, fluxing or finishing.

They are not only very durable, but also fully sealed. All our tanks are designed using 3DCAD tools. Should you have any questions, contact us. We also offer other solutions, such as various tanks, technological installations made of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF thermoplastics, air cleaning systems, scrubbers, fans, and much more.

All our tanks are designed using 3DCAD tools.