Chemically resistant ventilation

Chemically resistant ventilation

REMER POLSKA specializes in the production of ventilation ducts, ventilation fittings, chemical resistant fans and accessories.

It is a system commonly used in industrial halls, laboratories, swimming pool facilities, i.e. wherever we encounter toxic, highly corrosive and humid environments.

The system meets all the requirements for ventilation installations in this type of facilities – it is characterized by high chemical resistance, it does not corrode, and the connections of ventilation ducts and fittings are 100% sealed.

Our company manufactures and offers the assembly service of fitters with welding qualifications.

REMER Polska products include ducts, fittings, chemically resistant fans made of PVC, PP, PPS and PE plastic. They are offered in round and rectangular cross-sections.

Types of connections include gluing, welding, welding, flange.


  • ventilation of galvanizing plants, aluminum anodizing plants, pickling plants, industrial halls with corrosive environments, battery rooms, chlorination plants, general ventilation of swimming pools, ventilation of rooms with pool chemicals,
  • extractors from digesters, general ventilation.

Our offer includes:

  • rectangular chemically resistant ventilation ducts and fittings
  • manually controlled chemically resistant dampers made of plastics
  • mechanically and pneumatically controlled dampers made of plastics
  • chemically resistant flow-proof silencers made of plastics
  • diffusers
  • ventilation grates
  • chemically resistant intake and wall exhaust vents made of plastics
  • chemically resistant roof air intakes and exhaust vents
  • roof bases and chemically resistant wall bushings made of plastics
  • flexible connectors and chemically resistant flexible joints
  • plastic ventilation grills and diffusers
  • chemically resistant roof and radiation resistant fans