Galvanised drums

Drums are used for mass galvanic metallization of small parts. The drums are made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE 500, PE 1000).The drum shell and lid are appropriately perforated depending on the size and type of the elements that are metallized in the drum.

The basic dimensions of the drum derive from the internal dimensions of a hexagon or octagon, cylinder.

The length of the drum is tailored to customer requirements.

The gear is welded to the jacket or is attached to the drum face with plastic screws.

We use 3DCAD tools to design our products.

If necessary, we visit the customer to measure specific dimensions and choose the right shape, material, perforation.

We make perforations according to customer requirements:

  • lamellar perforation
  • round shaped perforation
  • round shaped perforation with chamfer

The perforation dimensions are selected depending on the details being processed.

Models in regular production:

  • AB250
  • AB340
  • AB380
  • AB420
  • AB Cylinder

We also make generators for authomatic lines for our cylinders:

  • Generator for AB420 cylinder