Process tanks

Rectangular tanks for various industries

Rectangular-shaped containers are used primarily for the treatment and use of various media in all branches of industry (water, in electroplating plants, etc.) The choice of the specific material from which a process tank is to be manufactured depends on the type of medium and operating temperature.

A vast selection of high-quality process tanks

Thanks to their excellent durability and long-lasting protection against external factors they can be found in many companies around the world. We always use the latest solutions and the best materials to guarantee their quality. We are doing our utmost to come up with and produce only efficient and effective designs. Our versatile manufacturing facility and a team of experts ensure that all the constructions satisfy the most demanding requirements and standards, and can be used for various purposes. Should you have any questions related to finding the optimal solution, be sure to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you find a construction that suits your needs best.

Variants of the tanks we offer

Tanks from welded plates:

  • open tanks, with edge
  • closed tanks or ones with such an option, equipped with a lid – attached or hinged
  • flat bottom
  • oblique bottom
  • conical bottom

Fixtures and fittings dependent on production processes

  • space dividers
  • cascade partitions
  • internal piping
  • inspection hatches
  • trays and overflow gutters
  • sidewall and bottom insulation
  • connectors and flanges
  • busbar holders and traverse
  • service ladders and platforms
  • transport handles
  • name plate

Our tanks are used for a variety of lines and pre-treatment processes.

We use certified materials from the best suppliers.

The materials our tanks are made from are: PP, PE, PVC, PVDF.

We are also able to produce steel tanks and line them with plastic inside and outside.

All our tanks are designed using 3DCAD tools.

After designing, we check them using FEM programs.