Technological and storage tanks

Cylindrical tanks

Technological and storage tanks

As a highly experienced company and a team of knowledgeable professionals, we produce cylindrical and rectangular shaped plastic storage tanks. They are manufactured using plate welding technology. The dimensions are adapted to the restrictions that arise on the plant premises. They are designed based on the declared operating temperature and type of medium. They can be used inside and outside buildings. It is possible to make almost any container at your facility.

Manufacturer and provider of high-quality storage tanks

They are multi-purpose products. Depending on the technical specifications, they can be used to hold various liquids or gases. They are commonly used for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications for both – a short and a long time. We offer a wide selection of models, e.g. specially designed for non-aggressive and aggressive media. We are proud to announce that each storage tank manufactured by our company is made to last and maintenance-free. We always make sure that the constructions are not only very durable, but also resistant to external factors. Hence, all our large containers are made of high-quality materials. For our work we use highly innovative tools and programs, such as 3D CAD.

Technical variants of the tank construction

  • without roof
  • flat roof
  • sloping roof
  • conical roof
  • flat bottom
  • sloping bottom
  • conical bottom
  • necessary connectors
  • inspection hatches
  • transport handles
  • liquid level indicator
  • ladders

Tanks for non-aggressive media

These do not require Polish Technical Inspection(UDT) certification, however, at your request, they can undergo the certification process.

Tanks for aggressive media

Tanks for group 6 and 8 corrosive and poisonous media according to ADR classification are subject to obligatory UDT supervision. Tanks from this group should be safeguarded against unsealing by using a collecting tank, a jacket with leakage monitoring or a concrete collecting tray.

Tanks are designed using 3D CAD tools.