Technological and transmission pipelines

REMERPOLSKA Sp. z o.o. manufactures technological and transmission pipelines. We offer complete execution of pipeline installations as well as gas pipelines. Our technological pressure pipelines meet the requirements of PN-EN 13480 standards, supervisory regulations. All technological pipelines also meet the standards of performance and acceptance, which we develop individually and agree with the customer.

Depending on the medium, technological and industrial pipelines can be cold or heat insulated and electrically heated.

Thanks to our staff’s professional experience and the use of professional production equipment, we carry out prefabrication and assembly of industrial pipelines in a wide range of diameters, wall thicknesses and material grades.

We offer services of the highest quality and professionalism, as evidenced by our previous projects. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the form on the website or by using contact details.

As experts in the field, we know that even the smallest malfunction in construction can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an experienced company which focuses on constant development and staff training. In REMER Polska we specialize in producing high-quality industrial pipelines. Through many years being on the market, we have gathered valuable experience thanks to working with many companies from a number of different industries. We have specialized engineering staff, human resources and advanced technologies which allow us to carry out even complex projects.

Industrial pipelines

The technological pipelines are implemented by our customers for various production processes. Without the proper operation, many of them would be impossible to carry out. We make every effort to offer high-quality products made of durable industrial materials, which are highly resistant to external factors. All elements and parts of our transmission products have been carefully designed, selected and manufactured to meet the necessary standards as well as our customers’ needs. Our transmission pipelines are widely used with great success. For example, they transport oil, petroleum products and natural gas to customers or for further distribution. In addition, our products, depending on their specific type, can be installed either inside the company’s buildings or outside.

Why should you use our service?

We do our best to make sure that you receive optimal industrial solutions which are specially adapted to your needs. REMER Polska’s machine fleet is steadily growing and we are more than happy to invest in innovative technologies. For each transmission pipeline the diameters, wall thickness and material grades are rigorously calculated and selected. We can design and install solutions at any level of complexity. What is more, in our offer besides transmission solutions you can find a variety of products necessary to provide efficient transport of miscellaneous goods, including storage and process tanks, technological installations, air cleaning systems and much more.